Beckenham – SE London

A project in Beckenham Place Park, South London got underway earlier last month. Its a large front and rear garden with pool, pond and newly created pleached walk. It also has an extensive terrace that wraps around the newly built house constructed by HR Projects . An area to entertain, relax and also a place for the kids to feel is their own,  an area for table tennis and bean bags. Each area is subtly designated by simple Kebony  decking details. The terrace will feel as part of the house with the same tile used both inside and out, by Domus Tiles.

The garden is in its early stages on construction and due to be completed summer 2016. Here are a few photos of progress.


Sandstone copings from CED Stone and Tiles from Designworks Tiles  being installed

The tiles will give the pool a dark also green look, a much more complimentary colour for pools when working this country. It will offset the planting and the Buff Sandstone.



The pleached trees have been planted before the end of the rootball season, awaiting there final staking. Piles of materials for the terrace in the background which will soon be the formal lawn.


Beech (Fagus sylvactica) hedging elements lay in wait for to be planted, to create the cubes. This will give  an added freshness come a couple of weeks when they come through.


8No. Large Pinus mugo ‘Pumilio’  will go in to create a gravel area flanked by two specimen Cercis canadensis, simple yet effective structural planting for all seasons. The Taxus hedging in the background will be used to create the tall hedges which divide the garden in to its separate rooms.


Piles of sawn and sandblasted stone from CED Stone lay in wait to complete the swimming pool terrace and also the lawn mowing strips and then bull nosed step treads and square cut copings for the walls.


The view from the house – pleached walk, formal lawn and terrace.


This will be the view above – Minus the scaffolding


Here the Taxus columns standing guard over the house, they provide the initial framing of the views from the house, the pleached Fagus sylvatica  then follow this up further up the garden.


Traditional Family Garden – Weybridge, Surrey

Last week we completed our Weybridge project. Finishing off with planting. The weather was perfect. The project was a rear garden designed around a newly crafted extension by Russian For Fish Architects. A reclaimed Yorkstone terrace wraps around the kitchen and dining room to create a space for relaxing and entertaining. A simple painted pergola creates framed views of each area, naturally dividing the space. Brick panels make the journey from one area to another feel more like rooms, with the sense of entering and exiting. Crafted green Oak sleeper beds create planting areas, for herbs and herbaceous perennials. Shady climbers on walls create a foil for the below planting. A garden for a growing family, for all seasons.


Ready for planting


Plants have arrived



Setting out

With a mix of perennials, shrubs and topiary the garden will have interest throughout the year. Plants such as Bay, lavender and Fennel create a herb inspired border close to kitchen, for both cooking and scent.


Lovely Bay balls for the raised planter


A Pittosporum hedge running along the newly painted boundary will be cloud clipped to form an informal backdrop to the planting.


Cleverly positioned Taxus topiary balls, create rhythm through the planting, surrounded by lush and airy herbaceous perennials, such as Digitalis ferruginea in the shade and a selection of complimentary Geraniums. Below you can see them with a backdrop of a simple Fagus Sylvatica (Beech) hedge, to be kept clipped to form a lime green backdrop for the planting.


As this time of year is getting warmer fast, we will soon start to see the signs of everything starting progressing. We will be back in a couple of months to check on progress. But here are some finished images for now.



Commercial project feature – The Beacon – Tunbridge wells

A commercial project of ours was completed at the beginning of 2015,  The Beacon – Garden Kitchen in Royal Tunbridge Wells. An outstanding restaurant run by the I’ll Mother Family,  with restaurants all over Kent including The Twenty six in Southborough, not to far away.

Recently it has been featured by  The Best In England. A lovely review of the project and a great place to spend a sunny afternoon or a winter evening.

We designed  the entrance, lower dining terrace and then the main restaurant terrace with its terrific views over the Kent country side. The project was also the winner of The Tunbridge Wells Civic Society Award  for the best Restaurant refurbishment in a landscape setting.


Framed views of the weald

Sit beneath the vines


A recent trip to Copenhagen, a city full of exquisitely designed furniture, landscapes and  architecture, here are a few selected images.


All Images Courtesy of HF + Ben Chandler Studio  © Copyright 2016

Country Garden – Essex

We have recently had the privilege to undertake a commission in the lovely country side just outside Chelmsford.  A stunning drive through quiet country back lanes and we end up at a substantial house and garden. We have put together a masterplan proposal which looks at every inch of the garden. Below are the plans and the visuals produced.

Concept Design Plan

Ben Chandler Landscape and Garden Design- CONCEPT PLAN

Concept Views


Planting plan day!!

With two planting plans to get underway this week here are a couple of moodboards for both gardens.

Both very different – One for North facing shady garden and one for a South facing sunny garden.

Visit the new website for more designs


Planting Moodboards - Ben chandler Landscape and Garden Design

Planting Moodboards – Ben chandler Landscape and Garden Design

Planting Moodboards - Ben chandler Landscape and Garden Design

Planting Moodboards – Ben chandler Landscape and Garden Design

Shade – Vibrant 

Planting Moodboards - Ben chandler Landscape and Garden Design

Planting Moodboards – Ben chandler Landscape and Garden Design

The Beacon – Garden Kitchen – Royal Tunbridge Wells

Its been a while since since the last post, but its been a very busy year with some amazing projects including this one, this is the The Beacon Garden Kitchen, Royal Tunbridge wells. We were asked by the Ill be Mother family to provide a design for the terrace. With far reaching views as far as the eye can see across the weald. We worked extremely closely with our friends at Sgs Design also from Tunbridge Wells who were under taking the interiors. We took a clean yet rustic approach to the design, capturing the views as best as possible.

Design Plans 

The Beacon - Terrace - ELEVATION

© Copyright Ben Chandler Studio 2015


© Copyright Ben Chandler Studio 2015

The plans above show initial ideas and also some of the phased elements.

Below are a collection of images from the first summer.

 Benchandlergardendesign - CANOPYFINALLR

Benchandlergardendesign - DSC07182

Benchandlergardendesign - MEADOW

Benchandlergardendesign - VINES - VIEW1

Benchandlergardendesign-thebeacontunbridge wells-Pot on Table2

All photos taken by Ben Chandler Studio

 © Copyright Ben Chandler Studio 2015

Salvias for October

Late summer flowering Salvia’s are invaluable to any garden. The large colour range from deep purples, electric blue, smokey pinks to striking reds provides an interesting colour palette as we are edging closer to winter.

Salvia greggii 'Stormy Pink'

Salvia greggii ‘Stormy Pink’

Winter hardy in a fairly sheltered position, this Salvia is a sun lover. Will tolerate drought once established. Looks very pretty in a pot.


Salvia cacaliifolia

Salvia cacaliifolia

Salvia 'Mulberry Jam'

Salvia ‘Mulberry Jam’

Salvia uliginosa

Salvia uliginosa

‘Bog sage’ – as it’s name suggests, this brilliant blue Salvia loves damp soil, in a sunny spot. Hardy through most of the UK.


Salvia confertiflora

Salvia confertiflora

A tender Salvia with striking red flowers which make lovely cut flowers for the home. Can grow to around 1.8m tall and likes some moisture in the soil.


Salvia 'Indigo Spires'

Salvia ‘Indigo Spires’

Great Dixter autumn plant fair

Ben Chandler Studio’s annual visit to Great Dixter Autumn plant fair was not a disappointment. With beautiful sunshine, the plants were dazzling, looking at their best.

A few unusual plants that caught my eye..

Rabdosia effusa

Rabdosia effusa

Rabdosia effusa grown by Chris Ghyselen from Bruges.

An interesting perennial for all types of shade including dry shade.

Unfortunately all of Chris’s stock had sold out in just one hour so I couldn’t purchase to trial at home.


Persicaria 'Early Pink Lady'

Persicaria ‘Early Pink Lady’

Chris Ghyselen had many Persicaria to show but I particularly liked the colour of P. ‘Early Pink Lady’


euonymus 'woolong ghost'

Euonymus ‘Wolong Ghost’

Euonymus ‘Wolong Ghost’ grown by Edulis in Pangbourne

A versatile evergreen, matt forming ground cover which is drought tolerant and is happy in full shade, part shade or sun.


Verbena 'Bampton'

Verbena ‘Bampton’

Verbena ‘Bampton’ grown by Beth Chatto nursery in Colchester

Unusual wiry purple foliage with pinky purple flowers.


Saxifraga Cuneifolia Variegata

Saxifraga Cuneifolia Variegata

Saxifraga cuneifolia ‘Variegata’ grown by Plantbase in Wadhurst

An evergreen ground cover for shade only, either dry or wet soils.